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How does perception influence critical thinking

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Critical thinking is a term of thinking deeply, in spirit, where to gathered information from experience, reflection What is critical thinking? Who should learn critical thinking? Why is critical thinking impo

Nature Of Logic And Perception

Critical Thinking And Perception. - WriteWork

Perception is a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. In relation to decision making process, perception affects our way of thinking on how we deal with situations like making a decision. We may make decisions based on our experiences because there are some that has already the knowledge on how they will respond to that situation. There are also some that they based their decision making skills on their interest or their motives with it. There are factors that influences our perception in order to make decisions, the perceiver, the target and the situation. You can use this as a help in deciding the best solution in a certain situation for example.

Frame of Reference

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Human beings perceive everything within their realities through the five basic senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell we will limit this article to five when in reality there are upwards of By experiencing the sensations of the reality around us, we create a subjective understanding of what reality is and how we perceive it to be constructed. According to the generally accepted evolutionary framework for the human race, language did not arise until very recently. It is a fairly novel aspect of the human experience that is so complex that it requires the utilization of more than one of the basic five human senses.